Carli Lloyd still hopes to kick in the NFL some day

Soccer star Carli Lloyd visited an NFL practice last summer, drilled a 55-yard field goal, and talk arose that she could become the first woman in the NFL. Lloyd remains interested, but the timing may not work out.

Lloyd knows she would need plenty of coaching on refining her skills to kick in the NFL, and during the coronavirus pandemic, it’s not realistic for her to get that coaching. Then she’s focused on playing on the U.S. Olympic team in 2021.

“First and foremost I’m focusing on soccer at the moment, but I’ve always been a kid who loves a challenge,” Lloyd said, via Yahoo Sports. “I’ve never backed down from any challenge. I know with proper training and the right technique and someone showing me how to properly kick, I know I could do it. It may have to get pushed a year or two, we’ll see. I know the times right now are a little up in the air, so we’ll see. I’m not ruling it out. You never know.”

Given that Lloyd is 37 years old, she’d have to be considered an extreme long shot. It would be great to see a woman on an NFL field, but Lloyd probably won’t be the woman to do it.